Alaska Cadastral Initiative

The Alaska Cadastral Initiative is a joint effort between the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management for improving cadastral record sharing in Alaska. Other State and Federal agencies, Boroughs, Native Corporations and private entities have also joined in this effort.

About the Alaska Cadastral Initiative

Our Mission

The Alaska Cadastral Initiative will enable anyone to access current rights, interests, land status and boundary information involving real property. The Alaska Cadastral Initiative will also build partnerships for the collection, management, standardization, and sharing of Alaska's land parcel information to improve business processes and support decision making.

Our Vision

To create a system for sharing accessible, accurate, consistent, and integrated land parcel information.

Our Goals and Objectives

  • • To create a shared and sustainable methodology for the collection and dissemination of land parcel information and related data.

  • • Foster partnerships by all levels of government and private organizations to support land parcel information, collection and dissemination.

  • • Provide a variety of services to facilitate decision support.